Posted by: Cathy | August 14, 2017

Why Creativity gets you in Flow

Which comes first, creativity or flow?

“Flow” is being “in the zone,” when whatever you’re working on flows almost effortlessly, when you and your project or task are one and time seems to fly by.

Flow is the present moment. Creativity is also the present moment.

All creativity happens in the present moment. You can plan a project for the future, you can review a project completed in the past, but all creation happens in the present moment. It’s when you can relax into creating, allowing the present moment to take over, that you experience “flow.”

Flow can be hypnotic and provide a natural high; it’s intoxicating. I think that, when artists say they “don’t feel inspired,” they mean they don’t feel flow, but you need to be present to flow. Working on a creative project opens the door to both being present and experiencing flow. By taking the first step on a creative project, you invite flow to meet you there.

Waiting for flow is like waiting for now; each moment is a different now, and if you’re waiting for the next now you will miss the present now. Flow is active, it isn’t sitting there waiting for you. Take a creative step, and another, and another, and before you know it, you’ll be in flow, intoxicated.



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