Posted by: Cathy | August 7, 2017

AT: Near-Far

Last year, I hosted Align Time, a weekly alignment check-in for balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction. A few of my prompts got more hits than others, so I’ll elaborate on those here on the blog.

On May 3, 2016, I said: “Near-Far is the measure of perspective you have on a situation or project.” Neither is better or worse, just notice where you are on this spectrum and where you’d like to be.

Sometimes you need to get really close to something to take in all the nuances, and then you step back to see how things fit in the big picture. Both views are important, and both perspectives give you helpful information, but you need both for balance.

This alignment check-in asks you to notice where your perspective is. Is it time to go near, or step farther away? Which is more natural for you?

Where are you on the Near-Far spectrum? Is that where you want to be?



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