Posted by: Cathy | August 2, 2017

Why this is a great time of year to ask for help

I think the third quarter of the year is a great time to ask for help with a coaching session or a tarot reading.

1. Problems don’t wait for a particular date on the calendar! Anytime you want some help is a perfect time to book a coach or tarot reading.

2. As late summer moves into autumn, the days are getting shorter and the nights are a little longer, which makes me tend to get a little more introspective and receptive to advice on my problems.

3. It’s not as popular as December/January, so you have a better chance of booking your favorite coach and tarot reader.

4. The year may not have progressed as you wanted back in January and you’ve probably had to make some adjustments to your goals for the year; now is a great time to get some new insights to help you continue to make progress before the year is over.

5. Back-to-school is like a new year for many, so you can get a year reading on the school schedule or some coaching on your academic goals.

A 7-card chakra spread with my Jeu de Tarot deck

Conveniently, I’m doing my annual T for Tarot sale! My reading prices normally range from $25 to $55, but drop 20% (to $20 to $44) in this sale during August, September, and October (the only months with the letter “T”).

Use coupon code “2017T20” – See my reading options here!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to purchase a custom reading. Contact me.



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