Posted by: Cathy | July 12, 2017

Dismantle Your Issues

Barbara de Angelis: “Management is not mastery. It’s not about controlling your issues but dismantling them.”

Many people have a fear of speaking. In 2009, I joined the Toastmasters organization to become a better speaker. Since then, I’ve given over 80 speeches. Each speech helped me dismantle my fear of speaking and now I wouldn’t have any problem speaking in front of any size group of people. Rather than manage my fear, I mastered it.

I still have other fears, though. I tend to be aloof with new people and don’t let them get too close to me at first. I would rather think through a problem than deal with it on an emotional level. There aren’t any organizations that I’ve found to master those problems like I have with speaking. I need to decide to overcome them and take the steps myself to do it.

Whatever you fear is holding you back. It is limiting you, restricting you. You can try to avoid what you fear but it will take you unawares. You can try to manage your fear but the fear is still in control. Instead, you can master your fears, take back your power, and leave the fears in the dust.

Mastery is the most difficult path, but is the only one to really dismantle your issues. Who is the master in your life?




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