Posted by: Cathy | July 3, 2017

Express Your Inner Fire

Different fireworks are colored by different elements. If you build one with barium, it will be green; with copper, it will be blue. Each element leaves its unique fingerprint in the resulting flame.

Just so, the elements within us leave fingerprints when we express ourselves authentically.

Think of three qualities you consider yourself to have, and notice how they’re expressed in a creative piece you did. Is a piece you like, love, or don’t like? How well does it align with your personal qualities?

My theory is that our favorite creative works best reflect our unique inner fire. The more you create from your unique strengths, the more satisfied you’ll feel with the results.

Also notice, in creativity by others, are you attracted to pieces with similar qualities to yourself or different qualities?

You know yourself better than anyone, and your art is a mirror of your soul. The more honestly you express yourself, the more powerful the finished piece will be.

This week, do something to express your inner fire!



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