Posted by: Cathy | June 19, 2017

AT: Admire-Inspire

Last year, I hosted Align Time, a weekly alignment check-in for balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction. A few of my prompts got more hits than others, so I’ll elaborate on those here on the blog.

For Aug 16, 2016, I said: “Admire-Inspire is noticing how much energy you spend admiring others versus doing something to inspire others. Neither is better or worse, just notice where you are on this spectrum and where you’d like to be.

Sometimes you need to take in inspiration, but it’s healthy to put it back out and do something with it, not just keep it stuffed up inside you. It’s a cycle, like so many things in life. You need to circulate. Admire things around you and do something that gets you, in turn, admired.

This alignment check-in asks you to notice where your inspiration is. Is it time to rest, look around, and be inspired by others? Or is it time to take inspired action?

Where are you on the Admire-Inspire spectrum? Is that where you want to be?



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