Posted by: Cathy | May 24, 2017

A wellness program for your creative dreams

Summer is coming, I’m sure you’ve been told by various magazines to “get your bikini body ready.” But what about your creative dreams, are you ready for them?

* Are you tired of stifling your creativity?
* Do you ache to have a healthy creative practice?
* Do you need help crafting a program to support your creativity?

We all have heard about the importance of personal health; physically, mentally, and emotionally. But how is your creativity health?

We are all creative and to be a healthy, well-rounded person, we need to attend to our creativity health along with the other aspects of personal health. With vibrant creativity health, we show up with more joy and satisfaction in every other area of our lives; work, relationships, and community.

My “Creativity Health and Wellness Program” is a 45-minute coaching session where we will:
* Set a foundation to counteract your primary creative dis-ease
* Design a 3-part creativity wellness program
* Identify symptoms of getting off track so you can keep moving forward

Your creativity is an important piece of your personal health and you deserve to live a life of creative action and play. Take steps toward creativity health and wellness and prioritize your creative time. I can help you create a routine and foundation for your creative wellness.

Register for your Creative Health and Wellness Program and get moving toward vibrant creativity health! (45 minutes of coaching for $60)

(Start with my free Creativity Health Plan session to see if I’m a good fit as your coach!)



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