Posted by: Cathy | May 1, 2017

“Don’t negotiate your consciousness.”

One of the big take-aways I got from Barbara DeAngelis’ book, Soul Shifts, was this paraphrase:

“Don’t negotiate your consciousness. If you had a bad day, don’t choose to be unconscious. How many days can you waste? What days are you willing to give up? We don’t have days to waste.”

Consciousness is half the battle for a meaningful life. First, we need to notice where our lives aren’t meaningful; when we’re just punching a clock or phoning it in. Then we need to decide that we deserve better.

But unconsciousness creeps up on us constantly and we fall back into old habits. As soon as we notice, we are back in consciousness. Once we’re conscious, we can make a choice, and Barbara’s stance is that we should never choose unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness is inertia, it is the default state, and we don’t need to help it by ever choosing to waste our time being unconscious. Every conscious moment is a gift; consciousness can turn a gray day into technicolor. Even if you’re tired or upset, you can make a conscious choice for self-care rather than going back to unconscious soothing habits like overeating or zoning out watching television.

Eat consciously and choose delicious, fresh foods; ones that make you feel nourished and energized.

Watch television consciously and choose programs that make you feel better after watching; inspired, entertained, joyful, grateful.

In any moment, you can make a conscious choice to bring more meaning into your life. Stay conscious as much as possible, build reminders into your day to be conscious, pause for 5 seconds before making any choices so you can do it consciously.

Don’t negotiate your consciousness. Notice, choose, and turn on the technicolor.



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