Posted by: Cathy | April 20, 2017

Yes, and – Work and Creativity

Yes, and … You can have a day-job and eat your creative cake, too

* Imagine being satisfied creatively ~and~ paying your bills and saving for retirement.
* Imagine feeling vibrant creativity flowing out of you ~and~ financial abundance flowing toward you.
* Imagine making creative visions real ~and~ meeting financial goals.

It doesn’t need to be either/or. You don’t need to choose being a starving artist or a financially solvent desk-jockey.

You can say, “YES, AND.” I am a writer and I am financially solvent.

Having a day-job supports you to maintain a certain standard of living ~and~ creativity gives that standard more vitality.

The trick is to find out what Work-Art balance is for you and how to make it happen in your life. Start by imagining the changes.

* How would your schedule change if you prioritized your creative work? What could you move or stop doing?
* How might your energy level change? Your attitude and outlook on life? Your presence in relationships? Your health and well-being?
* How could you start to move toward that vision? What change could you make first?

I’ve been resentful of my day-job for a long time, basically the whole time actually. But lately, I can be thankful to my job for supporting my lifestyle, giving me funds to travel, and giving me a stable foundation to support my creative ideas. I don’t need to waste creative energy wondering how I’m going to pay the rent; I can funnel my energy into my creations.

My stable day-job takes some stresses away, although it creates some problems with creative time and energy; however, those problems can be solved. By integrating my working life and my creative life, I can heal my resentment and allow more creativity to blossom.

We each have enough time to do what is important. Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, and Oprah all had the same number of hours in a day. They said “YES, AND”, and they got shit done.

Are you ready to say it too?



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