Posted by: Cathy | April 19, 2017

Creative Vitality – Get Spookier

I’m a fan of intuitive Kyle Gray. I went to one of his workshops and I remember him talking about his intuitive gifts, and how when he changed his diet to reduce sugar and dairy, he “got spookier.”

I love the idea of “getting spookier.” I think diet is very personal and no one diet is perfect for everyone (for the record, I love cheese and won’t be giving up dairy ever), but you know how you feel after you eat a balanced meal or when you don’t. Consider how this affects your creativity.

Creativity is like a mental muscle, and it needs fuel. A sugar- and/or caffeine-rush might give you a boost of creative energy, but it’s not sustainable; you’ll crash and need recovery time. If you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you’ll have more stable, reliable creative energy for the long haul. Rather than just a creative practice, you can have creative vitality.

Own your creative power, commit to “getting spookier,” and try a healthy eating plan to support your creative energy. (Cooking is creative too and can inspire your other creative pursuits!) Your diet is an essential component of good self-care and good creative habits.

What kind of eating plan would most support your creative goals?



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