Posted by: Cathy | April 17, 2017

Creativity Dis-ease 9: Creative Grief

In my role as a creativity coach, I’ve identified 12 creativity dis-eases that get us off-track from our art. Each month, I’ll highlight one.

This month, we’re talking about “Creative Grief.” Can you relate?

Maybe your computer crashed and you lost all the files for your novel; or your art room was damaged in a fire or flood. You lost a lot of your work. You’re in shock and feeling grief. Those are natural emotions, but don’t let them incapacitate you.

The solution is to mourn the loss, recover, then get back into creative rehab and get back to work. Also, backup your future work!

Every creative project is practice for what comes later. You may have been very proud of something you lost, but you can make an infinite number of things just as good or better. Take time to mourn what you lost, recreate parts from memory if it’s very important to you, but then move on and create new things. No one project really defines you as an artist, even if it goes big and people “typecast” you for it; you can do whatever you want with your creative time and make an infinite number of things.

Don’t stop working if you lose something or everything. Your creativity comes from inside you and is an infinite well of possibility.

What do you think? Have you experienced “Creative Grief”?

If you feel your creativity health is off, take my free Creativity Health Assessment quiz to identify your creativity dis-ease! Then consider signing up for my free 30-minute Creativity Health Plan coaching session to help you find a solution for your creativity dis-ease.



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