Posted by: Cathy | April 13, 2017

Quarterly Check-in

We’re into the second quarter of the year, and the mid-point for my personal year cycle (which starts Sep 30), so it’s a natural point for me to do a check-in reading.

In my annual reading, I got a challenging card for April, so at my check-in I did a 7-card “chakra” spread to find out more information on my challenging card. It gave me some ideas for what changes to make to have an easier April. I’m still moving through the month and seeing how it plays out, but the clarifying spread I did makes me feel more proactive than simply waiting for the predicted challenge to fall in my lap. I can take steps to head it off at the pass and stay on track.

How is your year going? Is it time for you to do your own check-in reading, or schedule one with your favorite card reader?



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