Posted by: Cathy | April 12, 2017

You can’t hide from your gift

Someone told me a while ago, “Your gift will keep coming up. If you’re supposed to do it, you can’t hide from it.”

Even if you aren’t sure what your gift is, you’ll keep getting a sense of “not enough” or an urge to seek something out.

I believe that the meaning of life is to find your gift and learn how to use it. Our gift is something that comes easily to us (so easily that we might not recognize it is the gift!) but learning how to use it is the challenge.

One of my gifts is fiction writing. I know it’s my gift because I first remember doing it back in second grade, it comes easily to me, and I feel so much better on days when I do it versus days that I don’t. Even when the writing is difficult, it brings me a sense of expansion and lightness. Learning how to use it has been an on-going challenge; how to fit writing into “real life,” how to overcome blocks and distractions, how to stick to it and see a project through.

Those are life lessons as much as they are creative lessons.

I keep bumping up against the challenges in a spiral-like cycle, but even though it’s a struggle, I know I have to keep going through the door when the muse knocks to invite me to play. She keeps showing up and inviting me. It’s up to me to acknowledge her and make the time to play with her.

If you ignore your muse or your dream when it keeps showing up, you spiral down into guilt and repression. It’s a challenge either way; you don’t get an easy out!

Why not accept the productive, creative challenge and skip the guilt? You can’t hide from your gift.



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