Posted by: Cathy | March 29, 2017

My half-birthday is tomorrow!

Yes, I celebrate my half-birthday. For a number of years now, I have done my annual planning around my personal year, starting with my birthday and not the new year on Jan 1. For some reason, it makes more sense for me and my rhythms.

This year, I’m keenly aware of something I read in astrology, that your personal power wanes as the sun moves away from your natal position (the six months after your birthday) and increases as the sun moves toward it (the six months before your next birthday).

For six months (!!), I have felt dormant, unfocused, and adrift. I feel like something important will change soon so I haven’t wanted to waste energy moving in the “wrong” direction when I don’t know yet what the “right” direction is. I hope that these directions will sort themselves out in the coming weeks. I don’t feel comfortable without a plan; I am a Libra, after all!

So, on my half-birthday, I am going to release the last six months and look toward whatever is coming. I’ll probably do a big tarot spread for myself and do some automatic writing. It’s a day for me of reorienting, recalibrating, and focusing on myself and my goals.

I encourage you to celebrate your half-birthday, too. Any excuse to reorient to your goals and priorities is a good one!



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