Posted by: Cathy | March 27, 2017

Why creativity is contagious

Creativity is contagious. Looking at others’ creativity wakes up the creative part of our brain.

When anyone is doing something creative, they are using their personal lens to interpret something. When we see a creative piece, we are looking at their lens through our own lens and it brings that perspective into the conscious mind. We can admire and appreciate their lens while being reminded of our own lens.

Once our lens comes into the conscious mind, we get curious and want to express something with our own lens. Then next time you feel blocked or stale creatively, seek out others’ creativity. Find a free gallery show in your area or look at independent art in Etsy shops or on Instagram.

Notice the artist’s lens and how your lens reacts. What draws you into a piece? What feels most inspiring?

Then, allow it to inspire your own creativity, even just a doodle or a haiku. Repeat as necessary!

What do you want to express?



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