Posted by: Cathy | March 22, 2017


Last year, I hosted Align Time, a weekly alignment check-in for balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction. A few of my prompts got more hits than others, so I’ll elaborate on those here on the blog.

For February 16, 2016, I said: “Intention-Reaction is about noticing when you are acting in line with your intention or if you are reacting unconsciously. Neither is better or worse, just notice where you are on this spectrum and where you’d like to be.

When things are coming at us fast, it’s hard not to be reactive; we don’t have time to consciously plan our next move. But pausing, even for a few moments, to respond intentionally can help us make better decisions and line up with our values and priorities.

This alignment check-in asks you to notice where your consciousness is. Do you allow yourself time to act with intention? What particular situations cause you to feel more reactive?

Where are you on the Intention-Reaction spectrum? Is that where you want to be?



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