Posted by: Cathy | March 20, 2017

See it, Change it

Here are some notes I took from “Soul Shifts” by Barbara de Angelis: “Be open to see as much as possible; don’t be afraid of what you see because then you can transform it. If you’re afraid of what you might see, you already know what it is. See what is intolerable to you and tolerate what you’re seeing long enough to change it.”

Living consciously is not easy. Some days, especially on the weekends when I just want to relax and unwind, it’s much easier to eat the processed food, read too much Facebook, and neglect the mindful habits I’m trying to put in place to live a conscious life. Sometimes, we really do need to switch off and disconnect from everything, even our own good intentions.

But we can’t stay switched off.

Only by “seeing what there is to see, feeling what there is to feel, and knowing what there is to know,” as Barbara tells us, can we transform ourselves, our lives, and the world around us. To be the change we want to see in the world, we first need to look at ourselves and make changes within.

Take the time to switch off when you feel overloaded, but set a time to switch back on. Consider deliberately switching on each morning. Ease back into your conscious life by reading some inspiring material and reviewing your values and goals for the year. Then get back on the wagon. See the next step and take it. See your goal and make it. See the change you want and do it.

What do you see right now?



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