Posted by: Cathy | March 15, 2017

Creativity Dis-ease 8: Sprained Creative Ego

In my role as a creativity coach, I’ve identified 12 creativity dis-eases that get us off-track from our art. Each month, I’ll highlight one.

This month, we’re talking about the “Sprained Creative Ego.” Can you relate?

You worked really hard on something and someone criticized it. It doesn’t matter if it was finished or still in-progress, the criticism stings and now you have trouble working on your projects because it still stings. You don’t want to be criticized again.

The solution is to ignore that opinion and get back to work.

No one’s opinion matters but your own. Having people appreciate and understand our art is nice, but it’s not the only reason to make art. Spend some time keeping your art private to allow your ego time to recover, but don’t stop doing your creative work. Heal and rise above it.

A sprained creative ego signals you were invested in your work, which is a good thing. You cared, so the criticism hurt. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. But don’t stop working because one or ten or a hundred people don’t appreciate or understand your art. Their opinions don’t matter. Make art to please yourself and the “right” people will appreciate and understand it. Keep working and then find those people.

What do you think? Have you experienced the “Sprained Creative Ego”?

If you feel your creativity health is off, take my free Creativity Health Assessment quiz to identify your creativity dis-ease! Then consider signing up for my free 30-minute Creativity Health Plan coaching session to help you find a solution for your creativity dis-ease.


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