Posted by: Cathy | February 20, 2017

Break the Bad-day Cycle

Coach Blog 071713 The next time you’re having a bad day, pause and notice how you feel.
Maybe you are you tired, frustrated, worries, and/or upset.

Then think for a moment about what your ideal day would be like, not to judge how it differs from your bad day, but to notice how the feelings are different.

What would your ideal day feel like? Are you rested, connected, confident, creative, enjoying nature or community?

Consider these “ideal” feelings and notice which could particularly help you shift your bad day; just pick one or two that could give you a bit of an antidote.

Then do something to give yourself a dose of that “ideal” feeling – take a break, get some fresh air, call a friend, etc.

Often, our bad days spiral out of control because we are reacting to situations beyond our control. By taking a moment to check in, we can take back a bit of control, give ourselves a moment of self-care, and break the bad-day cycle.

How do you feel right now?
Is it how you want to feel?
If not, what can you do right now to give yourself a dose of your “ideal” feeling?



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