Posted by: Cathy | February 8, 2017

Why Creativity is Good for Your Health

coach-blog-101216-big-why Being creative is good self-care; it’s good for your health.

When you use your natural gifts and talents, you will feel more centered and more happy. Dogs were made to run, and they look joyful when they get to the dog-park and can run full out; they are fulfilling their potential and it makes their whole body sing.

Similarly, when we are fulfilling our creative potential, it makes our body and spirit sing.

Resisting creativity can make us cranky, frustrated, and dissatisfied. It may not be easy to fit it in, but you will feel better if you do. Your mood will improve, you’ll be a little more patient, a little more forgiving.

On days when I write or paint, I feel more optimistic, more charitable, more understanding, even if the rest of my day is still busy.

By incorporating creativity into “normal” days, we show up and exercise all of ourselves; our heart, body, mind, imagination, and rationality. Using our creative gifts connects us to our center, gives our subconscious a voice, and helps us find perspective.

How do you feel after a creativity session? How long has it been since you had one?


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