Posted by: Cathy | February 6, 2017

Creativity is Your Superpower

coach-blog-020617-creativity-superpower-brush Creativity is your superpower. When you open to creativity, it activates all areas of your life.

Being creative is working within flow, which is the magical point in space-time when your subconscious and intuition take the wheel. Things feel easier, mental connections happen faster, symbols carry more meaning; life feels more vibrant and rich.

The more you operate with flow, the more you will find flow in other areas.

* Everything will feel easier – you’ll find parking spots, your favorite foods will go on sale when you want to buy them.

* Connections will happen faster – you’ll receive a newsletter talking about something you were just wondering about, you’ll meet someone and realize you were both at the same music event six months earlier.

* Symbols will give you more meaning – you’ll stand in line behind a man wearing your grandfather’s cologne, you’ll be stuck on a problem and randomly see a image online that gives you hope.

The “on” switch is to tune into flow, and we do that naturally when we use our creative gifts. When you consciously take time to flow, to invite the subconscious out to play, you strengthen this ability to flow.

You don’t have to use your superpower (“with great power comes great responsibility”!), but it’s a tool you can tap into whenever you want.

When was the last time you were in flow?




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