Posted by: Cathy | February 1, 2017

Love the Muse

coach-blog-020117-love-the-muse February is the month of sweethearts, and your sweetest heart, your most intimate relationship, is with your creative muse.

She lives in your heart and mind. She whispers in your ear in a language only you understand. Only you can manifest the visions she gives you. You are one body and two minds.

As we celebrate love this month, take some time to celebrate the love you share with your muse.

* Spend some time listening to her whispering. Ask her questions.
* Cuddle up for a nap and invite her to give you a dream.
* Write her a poem, a story, or a letter.
* Draw her image or essence.
* Share a meal of her favorite foods to fuel your creative fire.
* Take a walk or drive with her. Go where she wants; is it a nature spot? A gallery? A reading?
* Listen to her favorite music and dance together.

Celebrate your relationship with your muse. The more you pamper her, the more work you’ll do together!



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