Posted by: Cathy | January 30, 2017

Making Order Out of Chaos

coach-blog-013017-order-out-of-chaos I was at a retreat in 2015 and our facilitator, who is a songwriter, said that his songs are his attempt to make order out of chaos. He said that he would write something one day and wouldn’t notice until a month later what he was really writing about, the wisdom in what he was writing. It was never about what he thought it was when he was writing it.

All creativity is like this.

The first draft of anything is a container for the raw emotions and experience. It isn’t until the heat cools, the glue dries, the dust settles, that we can look at it again with a little perspective, do some editing or revising, and see what is really emerging.

We can always surprise ourselves. We are always wiser than we realize. The flow of our creative process allows the subconscious to send us messages.

Journaling, poetry, painting, collage; all of art is making order out of chaos. Take the wild images, emotions, and thoughts from inside you and arrange them into something new on a page or canvas.

Once we get the raw materials out, we can reorder, revisit, revise, and eventually reintegrate.

We, artists, make order out of chaos. We make transformation. We make healing.

What will you make today?




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