Posted by: Cathy | January 26, 2017

Self-Examination via Creative Expression

ASE-etsy-logo Self-Examination and Creative Expression: These are two things I love to explore. Some people call it “navel gazing”, but I find that, the more I learn about myself, the more I also learn about other people and the world around me.

Also, when I wonder what is going on with me, my thoughts, and emotions, I get a deeper level of experience than just breezing through life. Reflecting on experiences helps us create a vivid, authentic life.

If this interests you too, check out my e-workbook: The Art of Self-Examination e-workbook ($4)

With this workbook, I hope you learn more about your authentic self, where you excel, and why you are an awesome individual. Knowing these things, I hope you gain self-confidence and prioritize taking care of yourself. We care for the things we love!

* Do you love yourself?
* Do you value your gifts and accomplishments?
* Do you know what your gifts are?

In order to really love yourself, it helps to know who you are! This workbook provides six exercises to help you get in touch with yourself in a creative way. Self-Examination via Creative Expression!

Buy your copy here: The Art of Self-Examination e-workbook ($4)



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