Posted by: Cathy | January 18, 2017

See Through the Chaos

coach-blog-011817-see-through-the-chaos-monster-xray “Our job is not to solve the chaos but to see through it.” Deepak Chopra

My resolution this year is to “see through the chaos.” Chaos is the smoke-screen of distractions keeping me from flow, from my life purpose; distractions like my day-job, social media, procrastination, and lethargy. Chaos is the day-to-day stuff distracting me from my real life, the things I’d rather do with my time. Writing, painting, dancing, singing; the things that make me feel alive, the things where I experience flow, the things that give me purpose.

Chaos is discord, a lack of concord or harmony. My day-job is not in harmony with my life purpose. It is a tool to pay rent, buy food, save money, and travel, but it is not my life purpose. I want to see through the distractions of my day-job (stress, office politics, etc.) so the distractions can’t derail me from my life, flow, and purpose.

“Seeing through the chaos” is about noticing what really matters and what is just the chaos smoke-screen, then see through it, see above it, to keep moving on what matters to me. When I’m feeling frustrated or off course, notice, is this a distraction? How can I drop it and get back on course?

This is an element of Work-Art Balance. I choose to have a day-job so I don’t have the stress of wondering where my rent money will come from, but the job brings it’s own stress and distractions; however, I need to rise above those to keep balance with my art and writing goals. If I remember that the job is discord, I hope I can disconnect more quickly to protect my mental space and physical energy, so I have more personal resources to invest in my creative projects.

Each day, I will try to see through the chaos.

What represents this “chaos” or discord in your daily life? Can you see through it to stay connected to your life purpose?


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