Posted by: Cathy | January 16, 2017

Creativity Dis-ease 6: Creative Hypochondriac

coach-blog-011617-creativity-dis-ease-6-hypochondria In my role as a creativity coach, I’ve identified 12 creativity dis-eases that get us off-track from our art. Each month, I’ll highlight one.

This month, we’re talking about the “Creative Hypochondriac.” Can you relate?

You always have a claim on your time. There is always something that requires your attention so you can’t find the time to work on your creative projects. You are busy and keeping busy helps you feel needed and important.

Really, though, you are using your imagination to make excuses rather than make art. You think something is wrong (lack of time, lack of energy, lack of inspiration) but you’re really just procrastinating. Stop imagining problems and start taking creative action.

Being creative requires a certain amount of vulnerability; we need to check in to what we’re feeling and use that to fuel our creative expression. That can be scary and overwhelming, but it’s also therapeutic. Realize that it’s a choice you’re making. You’re choosing to be busy and stay numb; to be a victim.

Instead, take back your power. Choose your art, choose your freedom of expression, choose your mental health. Try just coloring or doodling for 10 minutes, or write one limerick. Notice how you feel afterward. Make the choice to feel that way more often and incorporate little moments of art in your day.

What do you think? Have you experienced “Creative Hypochondria”?

If you feel your creativity health is off, take my free Creativity Health Assessment quiz to identify your creativity dis-ease! Then consider signing up for my free 30-minute Creativity Health Plan coaching session to help you find a solution for your creativity dis-ease.



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