Posted by: Cathy | January 5, 2017

Tarot year spread review

coach-blog-010517-tarot-year-reading-2016 I do a 13-card annual reading each December for the new year, and I thought I’d review last year’s reading to give you an idea of how it works. (Click here for my shop to book your own new year reading, $55.)

My overall card for the year (in the center) was Hanged Man XII. This year, I felt like not a lot actually happened, which is true to this card; you can’t do a lot when you’re hanging by one ankle! It’s a card of reflection, and that I certainly did a lot of.

Month by month, here are the cards I got. I won’t go over each one, but I’ll list some highlights below.

01: 4 of cups – introverted, resting, but keep an eye open for opportunity
02: 10 of coins – prosperity, family, home, peace, happiness
03: 5 of coins – ask for help
04: page of cups – wonder, innocent, peace, care
05: Death XIII – change, transformation
06: 9 of cups – fulfillment, satisfaction, abundance
07: Magician I – making stuff happen, tools, mastery, intuition, confidence
08: 10 of cups – abundance, happiness, emotional satisfaction, joy
09: 1 of swords – ideas, preparation, initiation, leveling-up
10: 5 of wands – practice, healthy competition, making each other better, community, growth, strength
11: king of cups – satisfaction, sharing the wealth, abundance
12: 9 of coins – refinement, abundance, mastery

For February, I got the 10 of coins. I happened to spend a lot of money this month including my car insurance payment, a dental crown, and booking my airfare for a trip to Paris in May.

In May, I got the Death card. For me, I often get this card to represent traveling, which I did in May! I went to Paris, Rome, and Marseille. Traveling gives you a very real change of location and perspective, which match the traditional meanings of the Death card.

In August, for the 10 of cups, I started dating someone new and we had 5 dates that month. Cups are the emotional suit, and 10 represents the culmination of that suit; so having lots of happy dating energy matches that card.

If you’re curious to see what my cards say for your coming year, book your own new year reading here ($55).



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