Posted by: Cathy | December 19, 2016

Why creativity is is in everything you do

coach-blog-101216-big-why Some people say they’re “not creative” and that’s a big piece of cow poop. Everyone is creative, multiple times per day.

When you put together an outfit, when you arrange a meal, when you craft a sentence in email, you are being creative. You are taking ideas and transforming them into something tangible.

I dare you to try going one day without doing anything creative. You would have to use only what is in front of you, only as it was meant to be used. Everything would be literal. It would be difficult to attempt.

Humans naturally are creative, it’s a survival skill. We take a thing and make something new out of it. We are constantly tweaking, modifying, and adapting the world around us based on ideas we get. You couldn’t be “not creative” if you tried.

On a day you’re feeling low creativity, just notice all the things you transformed recently, all the things that were shaped by you into something new.

You can’t help but be creative. Creativity is in everything you do.



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