Posted by: Cathy | December 14, 2016

Creativity Dis-ease 5: Creative Plateau

coach-blog-121416-creativity-dis-ease-5-creative-plateau In my role as a creativity coach, I’ve identified 12 creativity dis-eases that get us off-track from our art. Each month, I’ll highlight one.

This month, we’re talking about the “Creative Plateau.” Can you relate?

You’re doing some creative things but you feel a little bored. You’re tired of what you’ve been doing, but it’s easy to keep doing it because you know what you’re doing and can keep going through the motions. It’s safe to keep doing what you’re doing, but it’s not interesting.

Maybe it’s time to try something new. It’s time to level up. It’s time to challenge yourself.

Don’t overthink it. Sit for a second and ask yourself, what would be fun to try? Don’t judge it, whatever it is, just sit with the option for a moment. Imagine yourself trying it. Once you feel some expansion by the possibility, consider if you could actually do it and how you might go about it. Keep looking at options and coming up with possibilities until you come up with one you can try; or write a few options on pieces of paper and pick one out of a hat. Then do it!

What do you think? Have you experienced the “Creative Plateau”?

If you feel your creativity health is off, take my free Creativity Health Assessment quiz to identify your creativity dis-ease! Then consider signing up for my free 30-minute Creativity Health Plan coaching session to help you find a solution for your creativity dis-ease.



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