Posted by: Cathy | November 28, 2016


coach-blog-112816-mirror-identity Your personal identity can be very complex.

Your identity is a collection of labels to describe you. For example, here are some of the labels I use for myself: dreamer, writer, reader, artist, wonderer, traveler, optimist, INFJ, vegetarian, sister, daughter, friend, student, teacher, etc.

The labels aren’t who we really are, as they are too limiting for our individual depth and complexity, but they are convenient ways to describe ourselves to others and find people with similar interests.

Going into the new year, notice what labels you’ve used or acquired recently and whether you want to keep them moving forward.

Since the labels aren’t really you, you can change many of them when they no longer serve you. You can drop, modify, or redefine them.

In addition to setting goals for the year, take a look at yourself and your identity to see who you want to become and what new labels might help you do that.

What labels ring the most true for you?



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