Posted by: Cathy | November 9, 2016

Why Creativity Comes First

coach-blog-101216-big-why Creativity should always come first.

Well, really family should always come first. But then creativity comes as a close second. Everything else can, and will, wait.

I’ll tell you a secret: tasks can expand and contract depending on how much time you give them.

By doing your creative things first, you get the important stuff done, and whatever time you have left can be divvied up with other things – work, chores, errands, etc.

I’m not asking you to spend 8 hours on your creativity every day, unless that leads to paying work that supports you as a full-time income (if so, congratulations, that’s awesome!). I’m asking you to do 30-60 minutes of creativity each day, and you can break that into 20-30 minute chunks.

This is how it plays out in my life: if I can do 30 minutes of writing in the morning, it sets me up feeling satisfied and accomplished before I even leave the house. That puts me in a better mood and with more energy for my day-job. I do my day-job for 8 hours, come home, and can workout and relax in the evenings, focusing on friendships or self-care (I have no kids or husband).

If I don’t do the writing and try to fit it in later, who knows if it will happen. If I leave it to the evening, I’m always too physically or emotionally drained to give anything to my writing. If I try to do it on my lunch break, my mind is usually distracted with other things and I have difficulty concentrating on my creative project.

If you’re not a morning person, you’ll need to figure out what works best for you, but I encourage you to try shifting something, anything, so you can do your creative work first.

It’s like that Franklin-Covey story about filling a jar with sand, pebbles, and rocks. If you put the sand in first, you can’t get the rocks in the jar. But if you put the rocks in first, and then the pebbles, and then the sand, you can get it all in because the pebbles and sand move around the rocks.

Your creativity is one of the “rocks” in your life.

If you want to rock your creativity, it has to come first! (Or a close second to family!)


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