Posted by: Cathy | October 31, 2016

One of my Hungry Ghosts

coach-blog-103116-hungry-ghosts Every year, my posts on Hungry Ghosts are some of the most popular articles on my blog, so I’ll keep expanding on that concept this time of year. (See below for links to some previous articles.)

Here is a way the Hungry Ghost appears in my own life:

One of my mottoes is “Always be planning vacation.” I’m a big proponent of vacations, since they’re an essential break of routine to occasionally help us put “real life” in perspective. However, I might be a vacation addict (with no disrespect meant to anyone with experience of more serious addiction). I really enjoy planning vacations, and the time I spend on vacation is vibrant and mindful and deeply feeds my soul.

However, I think one of the reasons that vacations are so great is that I don’t have as much of that vibrancy and mindfulness in my daily life. I’m hungry for it, but I only really indulge on vacation.

Day to day, it’s difficult to make time for vibrancy with all of the things that need to get done. On vacation, nothing needs to get done but what makes me happy and fills me up, so it’s natural to fill that vibrancy void during those special times of year. But I’m hungry for more vibrancy, more life, more living, and I starve myself between vacations.

I want to figure out how to have more vibrancy on a regular basis, at least weekly. I deserve a vibrant life! More time and space in my schedule to wander or visit museums and things are probably the key, since that is often how I spend my vacations. I’ll still absolutely take vibrant vacations (I’m going to Rome in 23 days!) but I want to break the fest-or-famine relationship I have with vibrancy.

What about you, do you notice any fest-or-famine cycles in your life? What could you do to break the cycle?

Happy Halloween and may all of your ghosts find what they need!

–links to my previous articles–

Original: Hungry Ghosts (Oct 31, 2012)
“The easiest analogy for the Hungry Ghost in modern popular culture may be the character Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. He is so obsessed with his Precious Ring, he can think of nothing else. It is about craving something you can’t have; like an addict, even if you can get some of your drug, you will never be able to get enough of it. You’re stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting, chasing, and wanting more. The illusion is that the object you desire will somehow complete you or make you happy. But only you can decide you are complete, or choose to be happy.Read more …

Hungry Ghosts – Revisited (Oct 30, 2013)
“A Hungry Ghost is an empty vessel craving to be full. But other people can’t fill you up; if you depend on other people to make you feel complete, you are giving your power away.” Read more …



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