Posted by: Cathy | October 27, 2016

Spirit Séance

tarot-13card0515Halloween is coming up, so I thought I’d encourage you to try reaching out to some friendly spirits! (This is a repost from my newsletter on Oct 25, 2015)

The French word “séance” simply translates as a session or meeting. You can invite spirit to come and communicate with you whenever you like, but the Halloween season naturally opens our minds to the presence of spirit, so it may be easier for you to connect with spirits this time of year.

You can use your tarot cards, or a pen and paper, to receive messages from spirit.

First of all, don’t be afraid of what you’ll receive. Set an intention to receive only safe communications, and ask any supportive loved ones in spirit to help open a positive, safe channel for you.

Then center yourself with a short meditation or prayer and focus on a specific question, if you have one, or open to whatever spirit wants to share.

Begin your séance with an invitation for whichever spirit would like to communicate with you. Sit quietly for a moment and see if you can sense a presence; it can be as simple as a warm feeling in your heart or stomach. Then ask your question or ask the spirit to give you a message, and try one or both of the exercises below.

For non-tarot readers: Try automatic writing or drawing.

Get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. Clear your mind and invite spirit to guide your hand to share words, shapes, or images as an answer to your question.

If nothing comes to you, try just writing “words” over and over until something new comes through; or try just doodling spirals until you get something else. Try to keep your pen or pencil moving and go back to “words” or spirals when you lose the connection.

The more you try automatic writing or drawing, the easier it will be to slip into the connection and receive messages.

For tarot-readers: Try a spirit message spread.

Here is a simple three-card spread you can use to receive a message from spirit.
1. If
2. And
3. Then

For example, say you get the queen of wands, the 4 of coins, and the Hermit. I might interpret them like this: if a spirited, creative woman is hording her gifts, then she will continue seeking fulfillment; ergo, she should make an effort to share those gifts to be more fulfilled.

You can also use any spread that intuitively comes to you; perhaps the spirit will give you an idea of a new one to try!

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