Posted by: Cathy | October 13, 2016

Need help block-busting?

creativeblockbuster-logo-081016 NaNoWriMo is coming up (National Novel Writing Month in November). It’s a great way to crank through a writing project. But what if you feel too stuck to get started with a creative challenge?

Creative blocks are a big waste of time and energy; resources you could be using on your creative work! You don’t need to sit stuck in a block. You can bust out and move forward again.

If you’re too blocked for WriMo, try my coaching session, Creative Block Buster. (45 minutes of coaching for $60)

Creative blocks can strike at any time, but they’re usually a symptom of a deeper problem like fear or paralysis. By shining a light on the deeper problem, we can bust your block at the root so you can move forward.

My “Creative Block Buster” is a 45-minute coaching session where we will:
* Identify the root of your creative block
* Boost your creative confidence
* Make a plan to move foward with your creative project

Check out my session page for more information. Register for your Creative Block Buster ($60) and reclaim your creative power!

Commit to take a good look at the root of your block. Facing your fears is the first step to moving past them.



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