Posted by: Cathy | October 12, 2016

Why creativity is hard

coach-blog-101216-big-why In my experience, creativity is hard because we are trying to make the unseen seen. We are trying to translate the language of our soul and personal experience into a common language.

There’s always something lost in translation, which is very frustrating, and yet sometimes we connect with someone through our art in spite of the translation; they “get” it anyway, or at least appreciate what they received from it.

This is what makes creativity worth the effort, when we can connect with someone through our art in a meaningful way, soul to soul. It won’t happen with every creation, but it’s magic when it clicks.

Even if you don’t share your creative works with anyone (yet), you’re trying to capture something in a different medium. The more you practice “translating,” the better you’ll get. Don’t give up.

Creativity is hard, but it is beautiful, and it is always worth the effort. Always.

Why is creativity hard for you?



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