Posted by: Cathy | October 10, 2016

Coaching Compatibility Checklist

coach-blog-101016-coach-compatibility You’ve decided to invest in yourself and your personal growth, but how do you go about choosing a coach? How do you know if a coach is a good fit for you?

You want to resonate with a new coach or teacher. I believe that there are different coaches and teachers for a reason, so that everyone can get information in the best way they can receive it. If someone isn’t speaking your language, you won’t be able to understand what they’re trying to get across. I’ve had teachers before who, though they were intelligent experts in their field, I couldn’t relate to and really absorb everything they had to say; those weren’t my teachers.

Here is a checklist of things you should look for in a coach.

When you read her website:
_ Do you like the vibe it gives?
_ Do you like the colors and images she uses?
_ Is it easy to follow? Can you find useful content there?
_ Is her photo likable? Can you picture talking about problems with her?

When you read her blog:
_ Do you find yourself nodding your head and wanting to comment?
_ Do you like her perspective and the way she expresses herself?
_ Do you appreciate her sense of humor?
_ Do you like watching her video posts?
_ Do you like the external links she posts or other things she mentions?

When you receive her newsletter:
_ Do you look forward to reading it or does it sit in your inbox?
_ Do the articles make you nod and want to write a reply?
_ Does she talk about an issue right when you need to hear about it?
_ Did her subscriber opt-in freebie really speak to you and help you with something?

When you take her free session:
_ Is the information clear and are expectations set in advance?
_ Do you like her vibe?
_ Is she easy to talk to?
_ Is she a good listener?
_ Did you feel good after your session?
_ Do you want to talk to her again?

The right coach for you should be someone you want to interact with, someone you’d want to sit and talk with over a cup of tea. If you’re going to invest money in someone, you want it to be your someone.

Coaches are human too, so no coach will be 100% perfect, but you want a coach who will appreciate your quirks by having quirks of her own. Look for your coach and then you’ll have confidence to talk to her about your issues.

If you like my quirks, contact me to try one of my complimentary coaching sessions!



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