Posted by: Cathy | September 28, 2016

Year of Living Fearlessly

I do my annual planning birthday to birthday, so here is my year-in-review post (my birthday is Friday!).

My word for this year was Fearless. I think I’d give myself a grade of B for being fearless.

* I took 3 months of singing lessons.
* I took some dancing classes and danced with 5 strangers (nerve-wracking for an introvert).
* I went alone to Paris, Rome, and Marseille.
* I went alone to the Boulder 40s Ball.
* I’ve been painting more and made some progress on my writing.
* I accepted a promotion at my day-job.
* I started online dating again and have been spending time with a younger man, which is new for me.

Cathy at the 40s Ball in June

Cathy at the 40s Ball in June

* I saw Il Volo in concert.
* I gave myself a weekend writing retreat.
* I went to San Diego to crash my sister’s family vacation.
* I saw a show by the Bad Plus.
* I saw three Roma matches – two in Rome and one in Saint Louis.

* I got a bad sunburn in San Diego.
* My first internet date went okay but he flamed out over texts before we got to a second date.
* I realized how important zinc supplements are to controling my acne when I ran out of them.
* My car battery died when I was out with a friend.
* I pulled something in my calf and was limping for a week.

Overall, the good definitely outweighted the bad this year.

My tarot card for my personal year was VII The Chariot. When I drew the card last year, I wrote “I’m in the driver’s seat, I can go wherever I want, but I need to set the intention and steer.” I think that’s accurate, especially considering how many trips I took this year!

I haven’t picked my word yet for the new year, although I have started some future planning. One just came to me; maybe my new word should be Open.

How is your year going? Have you done a fall quarter check-in yet for your personal goals? There’s no time like the present!



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