Posted by: Cathy | September 26, 2016

Love and Good Intentions

Coach Blog 090516 school house Honesty time … my intention for this month was “to get back into a meditation practice. If I make it a labor of love and think about how it will improve my quality of life, I might be able to make it stick again.”

So guess how many times I meditated??


I kept meaning to do it. I carry a lotus seed mala bead strand in my purse. I have a little altar with incense set up at home with a cushion. But I didn’t make time to meditate. I set the intention in my head, but then I didn’t bring it with intentionality in my daily routine.

Why is it so hard to do the things we want to do, or things that we know are good for us?

So let me take a minute right now, in the middle of writing this post, to focus on my breathing. Really, meditation is the most simple thing in the world, there’s no reason I can’t incorporate it into my daily routine.

Pause, focus on breath, breathe …

Ahhh. I rolled my neck a bit, sat up a bit straighter, and now I feel great. Don’t I want to feel great more often? It just takes a moment, it brings me back to center, to wholeness.

What makes you feel great, centered, and whole? Can you do it right now? No excuses.



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