Posted by: Cathy | September 19, 2016

Self-care for Artists: Space Out

coach-blog-091916-wonder-room I’m focusing on self-care as I get closer to my birthday on Sept 30, so I can set up some healthy habits and hit the ground running into my new personal year.

One aspect of self-care that often gets overlooked is self-care for artists. Different professions or vocations require different kinds of self-care; however, if you aren’t a “professional” artist or writer, it’s easy to ignore the need for artist self-care.

Every artist should have an artist self-care routine, and it can look different for each artist, but one element I think most would appreciate is a Space Out: time and space to daydream, fantasize, and wonder.

In order to get new creative ideas, we need to make space in our schedules and in our heads for the new ideas to arrive. We need to create a container, a boundary, to protect this time and space so magic can appear. It might look like you’re not doing anything, but that’s the point; we’re making and holding space for a set amount of time. Try one of these options, or suggest others in the comments:

* Literally Space Out by star-gazing on a clear night
* Go sit under a tree with a journal and doodle or free-write
* Sit at home with your pet and a cup of tea
* Watch clouds, or birds, or traffic
* Listen to classical music or nature sounds
* Take a long drive and don’t listen to any music or audio programs
* Meditate
* Take a nap, then let yourself wake slowly and lounge there a bit longer
* Clean out and sort your art supplies

If you feel bored, good! When our lives and minds are too busy, we don’t have enough time and space for our art to breathe. If you get to boredom, your artist will have lots of space to flex and start moving again. Try it and tell me how it goes!




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