Posted by: Cathy | September 8, 2016

Power of Destruction: Crumble

Tower logo 080516 On Oct 4, I’m hosting a teleclass called “Leaning Tower”, using the tarot archetype of the Tower to help you connect to your power of destruction. One way to connect to your power of destruction is to notice crumbling.

Destruction is often considered a negative force; something to be avoided and resisted. It can be painful and confusing. However, like pulling weeds in a garden to provide space and resources for herbs or flowers, destruction is a necessary part of the cycle of growth. How can we harness destruction in a productive way?

When a brick structure is crumbling, the mortar holding the bricks together has dried up and is no longer providing support. Moisture keeps things together. If you bake a cake for too long, too much moisture evaporates and it becomes crumbly when you try to slice it. When you notice something crumbling, you know it needs some moisture, some juice, some attention and life force. If your life feels like it’s dry and crumbling in places, you need to add some juicy activities.

If you’d like to learn more about your power of destruction, check out my class information page for Leaning Tower, and register to join us on Oct 4! ($13)



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