Posted by: Cathy | August 29, 2016

Augmentation Overload

Coach Blog 080816 augment This month, my theme was augmentation: adding in things I want in my life. Specifically, my focus was creative time, rest/relaxation, and reading for pleasure.

For creative time, I give myself a C+. I was pretty tired starting the month and had to really dive into the rest/relaxation portion of my program. The first weekend of the month, I stayed home, napped, and got a few things done around the house. It was a good dose of rest that then helped me store up energy to get some creative things done later.

I do this cyclically – I overschedule myself and then crash. Sometimes I’m aware of the overscheduling, especially fun things with friends or family where I don’t want to say “no” but, regardless, it takes a toll. Perhaps a core item to augment, then, is simple mindfulness so I can pay attention to what I need, whether I’m meeting that need, and how to get it met.

I had good intentions when I set my augmentation list for this month, but I went about it a little backward; I forgot to clear space before trying to add something in. I’m still interested in taking responsibility to give myself what I want, but I need to do it in a way that supports me and doesn’t just overwhelm.

What about you, did you play along with augmentation this month? What was your experience?



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