Posted by: Cathy | August 1, 2016

Time for my “T for Tarot” Sale

tarot-13card0515 It’s time for my annual T-for-Tarot sale!
GeT TwenTy percenT (20%) off when you book a TaroT reading in monThs wiTh a T (augusT, sepTember, and ocTober).

What can the tarot tell you about your issue?

* Are you confused, frustrated, and seeking answers?
* Have you over-thought an issue so much that you can’t stand to think about it, but you still need to find a solution?
* Are you looking for outside help, a fresh pair of eyes, to help you work through your issue?

I started reading tarot in 1993. I love studying the cards, asking questions, and sharing their perspective. Even if you don’t believe a divine power is arranging the cards, they can still give you another way of looking at an issue so you can come to a new conclusion or solution.

What issues are you having? Would you like to know what my cards have to say about it?

My reading prices normally range from $25 to $55, but drop to $20 to $44 in this sale.

Use coupon code “2016T20” – See my reading options here!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to purchase a custom reading. Contact me.


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