Posted by: Cathy | July 28, 2016

Power of Desire: Freedom

Devil logo 052316 On Aug 9, I’m hosting a teleclass called “Devil May Care”, using the tarot archetype of the Devil to help you connect to your power of desire. One way to connect to your power of desire is by embracing freedom.

In western culture, desire is often perceived as a double-edged sword. You’re damned if you do (greedy, hedonistic, selfish, shame) and you’re damned if you don’t (puritanical, no fun, joyless, scarcity complex).

How can we meet our desires in a healthy way?

You are an individual with free will. My desires are different than yours, and my choices are different than yours. Only you know what is right for you. By embracing your free will, you empower yourself and you accept the consequences of your choices. Experiencing your desires could be wildly successful, or could have some negative consequences, but you can choose for yourself. Sometimes I eat a big piece of cheesecake and end up with a tummy ache, but the world doesn’t end. Acknowledging your free will can free you from guilt and fear.

It’s just a choice, you can choose something else next time. Exercise your free will.

If you’d like to learn more about your power of desire, check out my class information page for Devil May Care, and register to join us on Aug 9! ($13)



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