Posted by: Cathy | July 25, 2016

CQ: What themes have been in my art lately?

Coach Blog 011816 CQ creative questions photo Creative Questions are a regular feature on my blog; basically, a journal question to get you further along in your creative pursuits or creatively tackle other goals. If journaling isn’t your thing, feel free to take the question as your focus for a meditation, a prayer, or a piece of artwork.

This month, let’s look at themes in your art.

* What themes have been in my art lately?
* Do I want to add or change something?

Last week, I was talking about opting in and opting out. It also applies to our art or writing. Emotions, symbols, images, and lots of other things come up organically in our creative processes and some of those things are interesting and complex, and others don’t feel good. We can choose where we opt-in and opt-out with our art and writing.

Notice what themes are coming up in your art or writing. Notice if there’s a lesson for you there and whether you want to keep exploring it in your art or if you want to opt-out and choose something else. Create your reality through your creativity.



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