Posted by: Cathy | July 20, 2016

The Option to Opt-in

Coach Blog 072016 opt-in joy My teacher, Leonie Dawson, posted an image on Facebook that declared “Joy is an option.”

I think everything is an option, but we need to opt-in to participate. Joy doesn’t just happen to you, it’s more of a verb. You need to do joy. When something joyful happens, you need to witness it, let it touch your heart, and participate.

Sometimes, we react to something and we need to consciously opt-out, too. I emailed a business the other day to ask a question and the guy who responded to me added me to their company newsletter without giving me the option to opt-in. I was pretty irritated; I get so many emails that I certainly don’t want another newsletter foisted upon me, so I immediately unsubscribed, but I shouldn’t have had to do that because I think that’s just rude to auto-add people to your newsletter.

But sometimes we get auto-added to an emotion we don’t want to participate in, and we need to consciously opt-out of it; especially when we didn’t want to get added in the first place. It’s not fair, but we still need to make that effort to opt-out, to reclaim our power, and choose how we participate.

Notice options and opt-ins in your life. What options are appearing around you? Which appeal to you for participation? Where do you need to opt-out?

Choose how you participate in life, notice your options, and opt-in to the good stuff!



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