Posted by: Cathy | June 29, 2016

New level, new devil

Coach Blog 060816 graduation One of my teachers, Leonie Dawson, likes to remind her students: new level, new devil. Like when you get to the end of a level in Super Mario World III, there is always another koopa king to battle, and each is a little tougher.

My theme for this month was “Graduate” and I invited you to look at your life lessons. Did you play along?

For me, I recently had a shift thanks to the book “Soul Shifts” by Barbara de Angelis. I’m still working with it and reviewing my highlighted passages each week, trying to absorb all the goodness I can out of it, but this book has been and will continue to be a great teacher for me. (Check out Barbara’s show on Hay House Radio for a sample of her wisdom.)

Another thing I’m trying to learn is business skills to expand my coaching and tarot practice and, honestly, I get easily overwhelmed with this stuff. There are just so many sources, so many opinions, and I’m trying to figure out what is right for me and my business.

I lucked out with Barbara’s book; I’ve read many personal development books and some resonate more with me than others, and this one is a keeper. I’m still trying to dig through the myriad resources for business education, even focusing mostly on Leonie’s content right now, and trying to find something that clicks and points me to a path to move forward.

Sometimes learning is intuitive and resonant and books fall in your lap, and sometimes you need to walk a mile in the snow uphill to get to school, as our grandparents had to do. When learning is hard, we need to fight to get through it; but wisdom is worth it.

What is teaching you right now? Is it easy or hard?




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