Posted by: Cathy | June 22, 2016

Use the “good” stuff

Coach Blog 061716 perfume good stuff On June 18, I went to a 40s-theme event in Boulder, so I was playing with different retro hairstyles the week before. One night, while I was setting my pin-curls, I noticed my earrings and realized that I hadn’t thought about jewelry to go with my dress. I thought I had a faux pearl necklace I could wear. So after I set my pin-curls, I went to dig through my little jewelry box.

I couldn’t find the faux pearls, maybe I gave them to Goodwill, but I found a diamond necklace that I forgot I owned. My parents gave it to me at least 10 years ago, I don’t remember if it was for a milestone birthday or maybe even for my college graduation in 1999. I had it sitting in it’s original store box inside a wicker box I use to store my jewelry. I was saving it to wear on a some undetermined “special” occasion, but special occasions are few and far between and I totally forgot I had it. My diamond was sparkling in a box, doing nobody any good, for at least 10 years.

Right then, I decided to start wearing it every day. I decided to start enjoying my necklace.

Life is too short to save the “good” stuff for a special occasion. Make every day special by using your “good” stuff. If you are lucky enough to own a diamond necklace, some China tableware, or fancy perfume, USE it.

Also, use the gifts you’re born with. Don’t let them sit in a dusty box deep in your heart.

Use all the “good” stuff and make every day special.




  1. I have a bad habit of not using the good stuff too. I just never know when the good moments are. So, I have been actively trying to remember to use the good stuff to make random days more special. And guess what. The world did not explode!

    • Hooray!

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