Posted by: Cathy | June 15, 2016

“Choice is the highest spiritual practice”

Coach Blog 061516 choice butterflies Barbara de Angelis says “Choice is the highest spiritual practice.” What is your relationship to choice?

Choice is the most powerful tool in our toolkits. Choice moves us closer to or farther from our goals and dreams. Each day, we can choose our clothes, our attitude, our response. We can choose the order of our tasks, we can say yes or no to new opportunities, we can choose rest or action.

Sometimes, we can easily get overwhelmed by the wealth of choices, an embarrassment of riches. But you can sift through the choices two at a time, either or, until you narrow down what is right for you in that moment.

Practice choosing, the same way you might practice piano or meditation. Notice the choices you make throughout the day and how they feel as you move through them. Choose with awareness.

What do you want to choose right now?



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