Posted by: Cathy | June 13, 2016

QQ: Where can I create my own luck?

Coach Blog 061316 questing questions Questing Questions are a regular feature on my blog; basically, a journal question to get you further along in your life quest. If journaling isn’t your thing, feel free to take the question as your focus for a meditation, a prayer, or a piece of artwork.

It’s Monday the 13th so let’s talk about luck. Some people are born lucky, while others seem to have to fight for every crumb of bread. Which kind of person are you?

What if I told you that you can create luck? I believe that luck is part fortune and part opportunity. The thing with opportunity, though, is you need to look for it and then seize it; it’s an active process.

Notice where you would like some luck and what opportunities could present themselves. Use your imagination to create scenarios, no matter how unlikely or silly, for ways in which you could get an opportunity. The universe is creative and will surprise you. Imagining what opportunities you could have help you notice the opportunities that do present themselves.

Where can you create you own luck?



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