Posted by: Cathy | May 16, 2016

Process makes Perfect

Coach Blog 051616 healing process tears At last year’s Hay House “I Can Do It” conference, I attended a session by Teal Swan. She talked about moving beyond bad situations and I wrote down two particular notes from what she said.

“We naturally move toward emotions that feel good. You won’t stay in anger if you process it; we move toward health and integration.”

“Care more about how I feel than anything else – if I focus on feeling good, my life will look amazing.”

Following-up on my “April showers” theme from last month, these quotes feel extra relevant to me today. One of the resistances I have with processing old emotional stuff is that I’m afraid dredging up old emotions will bring me back down to that low vibration but, like Teal said, we naturally move toward positive emotions. By processing the negative stuff, it will stop pulling me down and I can float up to my natural, optimistic level.

(Of course, if you try to process stuff and still feel weighed down, consider talking to a mental health professional. Do what you need to do to help yourself feel better!)

By focusing on healing and feeling good in general, I can work on different areas of my life at the same time.
* Will taking on a new work project make me feel good or add to my stress level?
* Will eating that donut make me feel better afterward?
* Would I rather read Facebook for 10 minutes or call a friend I haven’t spoken to lately?

What could you do right this minute to choose health and integration?



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